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Sea Turtle Pierced Earrings

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Every mermaid will love these enchanting and luminescent Lemonade Mermaid Sea Turtle pierced earrings that catch the light and evoke majesty of the turquoise found undersea. Never worry about fumbling with or losing an earring back: these earrings are secured by a one-piece clasp. (They make a great gift!) Earrings are delivered in beautiful organza bag suitable for gift-giving.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jackie Young
Lovely and whimsical!

I bought these for my granddaughter, who loves sea turtles. I will be sending them to her, along with some other items from Lemonade Mermaid, and I am sure she will love them!

Love turtles

I got a pair for myself, and a pair for my friend. We love our matching turtles :)

Beautiful Sea Turtles

I was gifted a pair of these gorgeous earrings and love them! They come in a beautiful georgette gift pouch, they're comfortable and nonallergenic for me. They look like silver and have a nice bright finish. Very grateful and happy to receive these ... Five stars!

Cute but problematic

All 3 pairs of earrings I bought were very attractive. However, all 3 had burrs on the tip of the part that goes through your ear. Thank goodness for my husband, he needed to use a fine file to smooth each earring tip (all six) to make them wearable. Appears the metal was cut with a tool but no quality control was done to ensure a good end on the product. Not wearable as received.

So Pretty

These earrings are SO pretty and I happen to love turtles. They are lightweight and high quality. Now that I've tried a few pairs thanks to the buy one get one free sale, and love them, II plan to order some other styles, as well.