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Lemonade Mermaid

Multichrome Mermaid Skin Loose Pigment

Multichrome Mermaid Skin Loose Pigment

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CURRENT COLORS AVAILABLE: Lemonade Mermaid (Pink/Yellow Shift)

It looks copper in the container but don't be fooled! This is a color-shifting miracle in a tiny jar!

This is our shade-shifting exclusive formula for a more dramatic and intense, buildable experience provided in a powder-based option rather than silky mousse. Our pigments are completely undiluted, and do not contain any black or white pigments used to "bulk up" the colors. Apply with a damp brush for dramatic effect on eyes, lips and cheeks.

You won't believe your eyes! Reminiscent of iridescent Mermaid scales. Only at Seirene Cosmetics©. Apply with fingers or a brush. Apply lightly, or add more for stunning drama and depth. Made in the USA.

Please note: A little goes a long way! The small jar contains approximately 4 grams of loose pigment and it will not be filled to the top. Read more under product info.

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Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide.

Product Info

Safe for the eyes, lips, and face. Can be used as an eye shadow, highlight, or lip topper. 

To remove, use micellar water or a gentle makeup remover on a cotton pad.

Jar holds approximately 4 grams of loose pigment.

Product does NOT contain glitter.

Jars are all filled by weight, not volume - all jars have the same amount of product by weight. It is normal for your jar to not be filled up "all the way" to the top. This also reduces the chance of any spills or messes when opening and closing the jars. We don't want your beautiful pigments spilling everywhere!

How to Use, Tips, and Tricks

Treat like a traditional eyeshadow, or DIY your own beauty products by adding to a nourishing oil! As with all powder pigments, apply over a tacky base like a primer or concealer. Mix with other mixing mediums to form your own eyeliners and mascaras. You can also wet your eyeshadow brushes and dip into pigment for an extremely vibrant and reflective effect!

Color Descriptions

Lemonade Mermaid - A dynamic reflection of pink and gold, with hints of green and orange

Sea Melon (Pastel) - Pastel hues of pink and gold, with hints of blue

Ursula - A hyper-saturated deep purple, gold, and green

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