Color Swatches

We are currently in the process of switching pigment supply companies, and we appreciate your patience while we update our color swatches.

All available colors for silicone products can be found here. Scroll all the way down for complete list.

Lemonade Mermaid silicone products are made with pigments mixed directly into the silicone - not painted on top in a thin layer. This ensures the best, most vibrant color payoff with no risk of color "cracking" or flaking off with use.

There are several types of pigment available, including chameleon pigments, sun-activated pigments, and heat-activated pigments. Custom colors and pigment mixes are available upon request. If you would like a custom color, please contact me before placing your order.

Classic Mermaid Set

COMING SOON - Vibrant, saturated powder pigments with shimmer.

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Siren Set

COMING SOON - Vibrant, saturated powder pigments with shimmer.

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Chameleon colors

Also known as multichromes and duochromes, these color-shifting pigments change depending on light color, intensity, and angle. Actual colors may vary from photos due to the color changing nature of these pigments, and texture of the mold.

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Sun-activated pigments

These pigments are UV light activated and change color in the sun. They revert to their original color when taken out of the sun.

Available options: White-Violet (pictured), Pink-Blue, White-Blue

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Heat-activated pigments

(Swatches coming soon) These pigments are activated by heat and change colors depending on the temperature. They change colors in warm conditions and revert back to their original colors in cool conditions.

Available colors: Black-to-Pink, Blue-to-Violet, Green-to-Yellow, Red-to-Yellow

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